18 March 2009

Many place you can choose and all of those places promise you unforgettable moment in life. Why don’t you try something different with the other?

If you and your lovers haven’t decide where is the place to celebrate the party, why not consider yacht as the perfect place to have the wedding party? This will be the most romantic and the most beautiful moment for both of your life.

Wedding is one the most important thing in human life. That’s why many people try hard to have the most precious and unforgettable wedding. One of them is by held a party on cruise.

You follow Hollywood sexy artist, Pamela Anderson who married with Kid Rock on a cruise near St. Tropez, at Riviera, France, last July 2006.

A luxurious yacht of course will be so fun as a wedding party location. When the cruise on the port, held the party, and when the party done, both of you can just go to honeymoon along with the cruise sail.

You can offer the choice to your family and your best friends to come with you on the cruise. But the guess will be so limited.

If you and your beloved gather to a head party on a cruise, prepare it at least one year before the big day. Usually, the captain of the cruise is the one who gonna help the wedding ceremony. But, you can bring your own pastor. The cruiser crew will help you to prepare the wedding ceremony. You’ll be spoiled with a services and luxurious from the captain and the crews.

You can choose the wedding packet which is offered by the cruise with many prices and packets available. In Indonesia, there are several cruise offers wedding packet such as MSC Cruise. This cruise which based at Italy has three wedding packets, Silver Package, Gold Package and Platinum Package.

Facilities you can get are check in, decoration and music, bouquet, wedding certificate,wedding cake, sparkling wine, photo, souvenir and many more.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose which you want to, determine the date, prepare the budget, invite your family and best friend. Enjoy your most beautiful moment in life.


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