12 March 2009

Look different and pretty as a bride is always be every women dream. Especially if you choose different theme too, more impress will show up. Gothic style is not use for daily life, but in fashion world, there's no limit to be different.

Well, for some people, Gothic style is not usual, but for the people who love it, gothic is not just mean freedom but also sexual free. Fashion gothic is something about individual statement which make black as the main color. Gothic dress is identical with aflutter skirt, long dress, tight jeans black nailed, and chain accessories.

Gothic wedding dress has special and different characteristic than other dress, notwithstanding use black color as base. You may see weird at the first time, but gothic dress still pretty and amaze to see.

Many women love white as a symbol of holy and pure on the wedding dress so they may think that gothic dress is not sweet and nice. The Couples have to think once again to wear the rock style dress.

In fashion gothic world, it always looks dramatic and dark. That's why, you can add bright color such as red, purple or dramatic blue. The materials used for gothic wedding dress are velvet or satin. You can add some lace to beautify the dress, more over add corset on the dress, you'll look sexy and glamour.

Gothic wedding dress usually long and have a high collar. But you can design other collars, if you want. If you don't want to wear corset on your dress, you can choose wider or long crimp sleeve. Add some crimp on the dress to beautify the wedding dress.

Choose additional elements to avoid color and accessories 'collision'. Fashion gothic always add accessories like stocking and breast cloth. Combine satin mitten and sharp high heels or you can add a little bit of elegancy by wear long earrings. So, use fashion gothic to find your special wedding dress. This unique theme can make you more special on the wedding day. Are you dare to wear this gothic fashion in your wedding day?


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