30 March 2009

Would You Tattoo On Your Wedding Ring?

Adventurous couples are opting for the wedding ring that you know will never come off or get lost - the tattooed wedding ring. Although the practice has been around for centuries, it's newly trendy.

Wedding ring tattoo is a great option for doctors, mechanics and others who can't wear rings while they're working. It's also less expensive - less than $100 a piece, although you'll need to get it touched up as the years go on.

You'll be making some powerful statements to each other and the world at large. Your tattoo will say that you trust enough in the relationship to have a permanent symbol of it on your body. You'll also be showing that marriage doesn't mean that you're too conservative to be inked.

The disadvantage of course is that it will never come off. No matter how secure you feel in your relationship now, consider carefully how you'll feel if the relationship dissolves but the tattoo doesn't. You'll have to be willing to live with the ring, go through painful and expensive tattoo removal, or finding a way to modify the design.

If you like the idea of a tattooed wedding ring, but are worried about the downsides, another alternative is to get a silver or platinum ring custom made with a tattoo on your fiance's body. It will have some of the same edginess and uniqueness yet will be less permanent.

25 March 2009

The Color of The Wedding Dress

When you plan to design wedding dress, you may confuse to decide which model you like and of course, which color you’re gona wear? Not only for your wedding dress, but also for the bridemaid’s and the family’s dress. You have to be smart to match the dress color so it wouldn’t see too weird or contrast, and suitable with the whole theme of your wedding party.

You should remember the top priority, what role are you play in that party? If you know it, this will be easier your job to decide which dress you’re gona wear.

If you’re the parents who are the organized and the host of the party, choose a glamour and conspicuous color for the dress. You’ll be looks more ‘eye catching’ rather then the other guess. Color which often use for the parents is red, maroon, golden green, dark purple or lilac and gold.

If you’re one of the relatives such as brother/sister or brother-sister in law, then choose color which is stronger to give an impress of luxury and stole their attention. Another option, you can choose softer color but combine it with beads and shining crystal, you’ll be very fantastic.

Generally, it was good if the color of the bride’s parents and relatives are in the same color gradation or same color with the dominant color for the decoration in that room. This will be so influential when you take the family picture.

23 March 2009

Pick Place For Wedding Party

After you determine the date for your wedding, go search and find which place you like for the wedding party. Now days, many married couple go find the place first then decide the date. There are several things you should now when you hunt the building, check this out…

Pick the place which location is easy to reach for family and most of the guest. You can search in internet. Now, there’re many blogs and website which put location, address, pictures and contact person. Go call them directly, don’t contact them by email, usually the respond is too long (that was my experience). Call and ask them about the price, is it still available for the date you choose.

Determine the budget for the building, suit it with the location or the venue wedding. After you search in internet or friends recommended for you, you should visit the place. Do you like it? Is it enough for you? Is it romantic? The building also determines your wedding concept, the design and of course, how much invitation you’ll spread.

Watch it, does the building management ask you to must use their vendor partner, such as catering, photography , invitation card, entertainment and others. Usually, the building management will charge you higher if you not use their vendor. Of course, you should choose which vendor gives the best quality. If you or family has decides your own vendor and not one of the management’s vendor, better if you prepare more budget.

After you had a deal with the management of the building, you should pay for the earnest payment to. Book the date for your wedding at least 3 - 5 months before the wedding. And 2-3 weeks before the big day, you should paid off all the charge. Check your name 2 weeks before, just to make sure there’s no mistake for the wedding ceremony.

If it’s possible, ask them to hold a technical meeting in that place. This meeting is very useful to know all the party detail and the event’s compilation, decoration set up, table for catering, and etc. Ask all vendors who will involve in this event, delegation from photography, wedding catering, Wedding Organizer and entertainment, party decor/reception decoration and the building management. Good luck.

20 March 2009

Pre Wedding Ala Urban Pop Culture

Want to have urban pop culture pre-wedding photos? Check this few steps….

Don’t be afraid to experiment. When you decide to have urban pop culture pre-wedding photo, you should gather to a head, don’t hear those people said. The important thing is you and him can feel and enjoy the session. You don’t have to be 100% you. You can be your favorite artist, super hero or other character in story. But don’t push too hard if you not feel good about it. Remember feel the chemistry...

Style with your daily lifestyle, wear old faded sneakers and jeans. That was so urban culture. And for the ladies, wear beads, and some necklaces or some bracelets. You can wear other accessories such as old scarf tempo if you wan to.

Ask the photographer to take pictures with different angle, so the photo’s will be look unique and eccentric. Don’t rivet on the camera, just be relax. Do the wedding shoot at least 3 months before the big day. This will help you to avoid things that you don’t want to happen. Especially for the bride, after the shoot her skin will be look so dull and black. Her condition will be exhausted. With spare time available, you body can recover quickly.

Many spouses get stress and busy manage their wedding, so when the photographer take your pictures, your face looks tired, no fresh at all. So, just do your things and the photographer will ready to captured every moments.

19 March 2009

Wedding With Chocolate

An account of this sweet snack, now, chocolate also cut down through the wedding souvenir. There have been seen praline chocolate and truffles yang often be as wedding souvenir.

Besides the luscious taste and their tiny shape, makes praline and truffles can placed into small lovely and unique box.

You only need to choose the design for the package, suitable color and the choice of the taste. If you don’t truly like chocolate, you can change chocolate with chocolate cupcake with beautiful topping on it.

Not only souvenir, chocolate also can be as one of the menu for the wedding dish. You can prepare a chocolate fountain. This fountain can be a great site for mingle on the wedding party or just for friend and family greeting.

18 March 2009

Party on The Cruise? Why Not...

Many place you can choose and all of those places promise you unforgettable moment in life. Why don’t you try something different with the other?

If you and your lovers haven’t decide where is the place to celebrate the party, why not consider yacht as the perfect place to have the wedding party? This will be the most romantic and the most beautiful moment for both of your life.

Wedding is one the most important thing in human life. That’s why many people try hard to have the most precious and unforgettable wedding. One of them is by held a party on cruise.

You follow Hollywood sexy artist, Pamela Anderson who married with Kid Rock on a cruise near St. Tropez, at Riviera, France, last July 2006.

A luxurious yacht of course will be so fun as a wedding party location. When the cruise on the port, held the party, and when the party done, both of you can just go to honeymoon along with the cruise sail.

You can offer the choice to your family and your best friends to come with you on the cruise. But the guess will be so limited.

If you and your beloved gather to a head party on a cruise, prepare it at least one year before the big day. Usually, the captain of the cruise is the one who gonna help the wedding ceremony. But, you can bring your own pastor. The cruiser crew will help you to prepare the wedding ceremony. You’ll be spoiled with a services and luxurious from the captain and the crews.

You can choose the wedding packet which is offered by the cruise with many prices and packets available. In Indonesia, there are several cruise offers wedding packet such as MSC Cruise. This cruise which based at Italy has three wedding packets, Silver Package, Gold Package and Platinum Package.

Facilities you can get are check in, decoration and music, bouquet, wedding certificate,wedding cake, sparkling wine, photo, souvenir and many more.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose which you want to, determine the date, prepare the budget, invite your family and best friend. Enjoy your most beautiful moment in life.

14 March 2009

Preparing The Wedding Party

Wedding party is a big event which suck a lot of attention. So, you need to prepare for the wedding party which usually takes about 8-12 months before the big day if all done by yourself. But if you don’t have much time, you can ask for help to the wedding planner. For that matter, what you need to do for the wedding party?

Determine the wedding day. Although all day is a good day, there is nothing wrong if you choose your favorite date and favorite month as your big day coz this will ease you to remember and to celebrate it in the future.

Determine the invitation and budget. Before determine the wedding budget, you should determine how many invitations you’ll be share to the guess because this can be as right standards and directive to determine how much budget and how big is the place for the party.

Spend 40% of the total budget for catering. The rest 60% you can use it for other 6 main components such as building, MC, documentation, decoration, bridal attire (wedding dress and make up) invitation card and souvenir.

Determine the location and the building for party. It’s time to determine where and what location you want to use. If you have already decide the building but the capacity is not too big, divided the invitation into two different time, for example 7 pm – 8 pm for the oldste and 8 pm – 9 pm for friends and you.

Determine the wedding style and the wedding theme. Determine the wedding theme so you can choose the wedding dress, wedding coat and the wedding make up. Match the wedding dress color with the decoration. This color usually also determine the dish, souvenir and invitation card.

Do some body treatments. If all those steps above done, don’t forget to do some treatments for yourself, such as spa, bath rempah, face treatment and go to the gym to make you fit on the big day. Ask your man to go with you, so both of you will be look so fit.

13 March 2009

Prewedding Urban Pop Culture

Walking side by side, arm in arm, same shirt, white shirt and jeans, pointing hand to the sky with the gazed eyes through the sky. Oh, Come on! Is that it? That was ancient style darling...

Those styles reflect urban people with pop style. Trend for this year is urban style, with perfunctory man, just the way you are, daily life and daily activities.

Try to style 60’s pop with worn out color and Jackie-O glasses plus big coloring beads necklace. Or you can adopt the 80’s pop style with the softball hat, high collar shirt or bonding shirt like the Club Eighties. This is for you who love the vintage style. With the green atmosphere, both of you sit down with threadbare cars as the background. The contrast color reminds you with the pass pictures but still have the millennium touch. The custom is “so me”, only blouse and jeans or mini skirt.

Not many couple styled like above for pre-wedding photo so there are lots of other styles you can explore. Mix and Match your dress and accessories during the photo session. Choose simple dress with flowers motive or 70’s plaid tight shirt. Go to the coffee shop then talk each other while the photographer catches your expression from far away.

You can browse photo collection in the website. Collect movies poster or CD cover which you like then imagine that you and him on that poster, such as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, sexy and charming right? So, have a nice pre-wedding.

12 March 2009

Gothic for The Wedding Dress

Look different and pretty as a bride is always be every women dream. Especially if you choose different theme too, more impress will show up. Gothic style is not use for daily life, but in fashion world, there's no limit to be different.

Well, for some people, Gothic style is not usual, but for the people who love it, gothic is not just mean freedom but also sexual free. Fashion gothic is something about individual statement which make black as the main color. Gothic dress is identical with aflutter skirt, long dress, tight jeans black nailed, and chain accessories.

Gothic wedding dress has special and different characteristic than other dress, notwithstanding use black color as base. You may see weird at the first time, but gothic dress still pretty and amaze to see.

Many women love white as a symbol of holy and pure on the wedding dress so they may think that gothic dress is not sweet and nice. The Couples have to think once again to wear the rock style dress.

In fashion gothic world, it always looks dramatic and dark. That's why, you can add bright color such as red, purple or dramatic blue. The materials used for gothic wedding dress are velvet or satin. You can add some lace to beautify the dress, more over add corset on the dress, you'll look sexy and glamour.

Gothic wedding dress usually long and have a high collar. But you can design other collars, if you want. If you don't want to wear corset on your dress, you can choose wider or long crimp sleeve. Add some crimp on the dress to beautify the wedding dress.

Choose additional elements to avoid color and accessories 'collision'. Fashion gothic always add accessories like stocking and breast cloth. Combine satin mitten and sharp high heels or you can add a little bit of elegancy by wear long earrings. So, use fashion gothic to find your special wedding dress. This unique theme can make you more special on the wedding day. Are you dare to wear this gothic fashion in your wedding day?

11 March 2009

How Important Wedding Organizer?

Do you have a plan to married this year, but you’re so confuse, where you have to start? You and him don’t have time to plan it? Are you uncertain with the wedding organizer? Well, actually, you don’t have to be doubt to call the wedding organizer to prepare your wedding. Why would I need wedding organizer?

Busy with the Job. Every bridegroom candidate has to work before he ask her to married. But now, almost all the bride candidate were a carrier women. Such this situation, wedding organizer will be so helpful to make your perfect wedding.

Save more Time and energy. A the communication and promotion area grow up, you definitely has already know there are so many Wedding professional, such as decoration expert, catering, beautician, photographer, video, florist, wedding cake, and etc. To decide which decoration you pick, which catering, which beautician is right for you, or where is the reception place until the photographer, you have to travel from one place to the other place. By get information from the wedding Planner, you will save more time and energy.

Budget efficiency. Every person has priority when he arrange a wedding party. But, whatever ias your priority, of course you want to have a perfect wedding party. By discuss with a Wedding Planner, you can allocate your budget by consider your most priority without bargain away the other. Besides, you can get useful tips to have the perfect wedding, without ignore your budget.
Wedding organizer will help the fluency of the party. Wedding Organizer can help you check, does the reception place I ready? MC ready? Catering ready? Wedding cake is right on its place? And other things. You may can check it by yourself, but if you do it by your self, you’ll be stress and this will influence your performance on the big day. Of course you don’t want this happen to you right?

Many bride candidates too pity to spend more money for Wedding Organizer, with excuse, there are still relatives who can help us. But, sometimes, after the party, many of them regret how it could be much better if I use expert.

Relatives or friend may not familiar to arrange a wedding party, especially if they have their own job or activity. They are not professional, they help under the base of integrity, so if they forget something, you’ll unwilling to chew out.

By professional expert, you can and must chew out if they do something wrong, because your purpose is enforce a perfect party. But you must calculate again, make a good decision, ok pals.

07 March 2009

Save Your Most Beautiful Moment

After plan all of the wedding party, such as wedding dress, location, guess lists, don’t miss other important thing, the wedding photography. Of course, you’re gona choose the best for you right?coz you’ll bring the memory for entire of your life. You not even realize that there are 10 things make your wedding photo scramble. Learn this trick:

1. Choose Photographer not meticulously
Before decide who is the lucky photographer, use your time not only look around but see their portfolio too. If you choose amateur photographer to press the budget, be ready for all of the risk. If the vendor photo you’re looking for done not begin to give you power to choose photographer, get out from there and go get find the other.

2. Have no chance to discuss
You definitely know, everything that planned well, will have a better result. So, try to make appointment to discuss about your wedding photo with your photographer. Told everything you want, don’t ever doubt. A week before the big day, remind him about the plan before. If you have more specific request, more ideas maybe, just say it. You don't want any unwelcome surprises right?

3. No "wish list" Photo
Have you ever have a dream take romantic pictures up on the hill, in the middle of the farm or even in the hurly-burly city? Give him examples, show those pictures in the magazine or other visual picture to express what you want to the photographer. Well, after you say what you wish, of course photographer will granting your wish.

4. Only perpetuate special pose or special moment
Every wedding photo album has photos with formal pose. But, you don’t have to stop and treat the same as the other photo. Have your own photos, when you dancing, chic-chac with the guess, or just face and see him in that party. Calm and relax moments have it own meaning.

5. Ill timed
Sun shining so shine, the blue sky amaze your eyes. You may think this is the right time to take a picture. Mmm, think once again. The shining sun so bright will make a shadow on the face, make very bad photos. Be patient until the early evening sun show up.

6. Sweating and oily face in photo
Everyone knows, stand for a long time wearing wedding dress will raise up the temperature of the body. But, don’t let your face oily and sweating (especially at the armpit area), this will crush your perfect performance. Always prepare the magic aid, such as beauty powder, deodorant, and tissue to save your performance.

7. Many plan, little time
Need more time to take a picture of the whole family. Give your photographer enough time to take picture of the family. Start from the children and geriatric. Next is, take picture with family and friends. The last one is, take time for you and the lovely husband to take a picture. You can do it while all the guess busy with the dish. After all, it is your day!

8. Wrong position, wrong pose
After take several photos, your guess or even your self start to be “dead style”. At this crucial moments, it’s very important for photographer to keep the atmosphere life. You and your guess should stay focus photogenic, and more than anything, comfortable.

9. Loss the special moment
There are several procession in wedding party such as the bride first kiss, bride and her father, wedding cake cutting, and the bouquet throw. But, often other special moments, small but very heartwarming were forgotten, such as the girl flower slyly smile, best friend happy tear, or your lover’s glance out of the corner of the eyes.

10. Stop take picture at the right moment
Many bride and bridegroom decide that 9 pm is the right time to end the party, so does the photography activity. Well, try to be different, in fact, at that moment, around 9 pm, special moment come contrary to all expectation.

So, with less guess come, you’ll have more time to take. Keep shooting, guys...!

04 March 2009

Reality of Wedding Ring

Symbol of eternal love and university is ring. When you wear a ring, it means early sign of a relationship and describes your status. Ring that circling on the left ring finger means 'Someone was have me'.

Wedding ring was believed as symbol of love and trusty between a man and a woman since thousands years ago. Ring not only circling at wedding but also when a man purpose his beloved woman to become his wife.
The shape and design of the wedding ring has already evolve. In ancient roman era, ring made from brass, bronze or iron. This ring was a symbol for woman to enter husband's house and she can use all of his treasure, sometimes this ring was used to open jewelry box.

By degrees, those gems were used to decorate gold wedding ring. These gems were present certain symbols in society. Ruby was one of noble love symbol. Emerald implied hope while diamond as the strongest gem was used as symbol of eternity. In 15 century, diamond was used on ring with pyramid shape. Then, diamond ring getting more popular in 18 century for its beauty and strength, especially for wedding ring. So, when bride wear it, the beauty will be emitted brightly on her ring finger.

Now, many wedding rings available with so many models and materials, but mostly the wedding ring raw material was made from gold or platinum. This gold was turn up in many colors such as yellow, or white as platinum. Usually, the carat used for gold is 18 carat.

If you want to buy pure gold (24 carat), better don't use it as wedding ring because of its characteristic; too soft and easy to reform in daily activity. Other alternative you can choose is platinum; white shining silver bright and very classic. Just like gold, the value of this platinum ring was determined by the mixture of other metal such as iridium and ruthenium. Platinum ring is relative more expensive than gold.

Usually Wedding ring design is very simple, and many couple chose plain ring coz it's very practical to use in daily life. But if you want to be seems more special, then you can add gem on it.

So, whatever wedding ring you choose, always try to fit with your budget. Have a hunting.

03 March 2009

Wedding Make Up Trick

Some myth said that as bride candidate, you’ll look shining. But then, with little make up you’ll be look jittery. You may think... Does my lipstick faded after the kiss and eat the wedding cake or does my make up perfect? For that, there are several things about make up we should understand to make a perfect make up.

How to make up your eyes on wedding day? Avoid make-up which to trendy like bright color, coz this will bring you old face image on the wedding photo. Try to apply lucent eye-shadow like champagne, bright lavender or pink. Add eye liner on the eyelash with brownish-black color for bright skin or black eye liner for dark skin. Don’t forget to warp your eyelash to give long impression. Then, add two layers black waterproof mascara.

Is there any idea to remove the black circle eye with concealer? The key to get maximal result to cover the black circle eye naturally is by apply concealer as little as you can. Spread with brush start from the most black area, near the tearduct to outside. Then, wrap with finger or latex sponge to make it absorb to the eye skin. Then add foundation and beauty powder as cover.

While for lipstick color, to make it still fresh and bright, use lip stain with brush-lip. Some lip stain contains alcohol to make it stick longer on lip but also caused your lip dry. To prevent your lip dry, don’t forget to use lip gloss which can be wipe anytime.

If you prefer lipstick, then you have to make lip line and color your lip with lip liner. Then apply lipstick with brush or make-up paper. Add translucent beauty powder and then apply lipstick once again. The brush you use will push the lipstick into you lip to make natural and durable appearance.

For the face, you can apply beauty powder so that you’ll not look oily. Choose loose or pressed powder with invisible micro powder, your will not look pale and bright white.

So, you don’t have to be jittery anymore especially about your make up on your big day. Be confidence….you’re lovely