25 February 2009

Serving vegetarian food on the wedding list dish is not a problem anymore. The taste is not even less than meat dish.

Now, vegetarian become more popular in the world. It’s easy to find vegetarian restaurant in big cities. But, what vegetarian food you choose as one of the menu on the wedding party? And how’s the taste?

For Health...
The development of vegetarian is not only based on religion lesson, but also based on different motivation. Some people become vegetarian for health, because they believe that veggie food is fore healthy than meat food.

Some people said for ethic. They thought that killing animal was a cruel thing and should be avoid. There is faith that consume meat product can make man acting like animals.

According to The American Dietetic Association, becoming vegetarian, you still can fulfill your nutrition and calorie. Nonetheless, children and adolescent who want to be vegetarian need special plan because there are several nutrients difficult to find if they not consume any meat at all.

Nutrients that hard to find on vegetarian are vitamin B12, protein, vitamin B6, vitamin D, calcium, zinc, and iron. To solve this problem they need to consume supplement that contains those nutrients.

Still Nyummy
Many people thought that vegetarian food is not appropriate for wedding dish. But, vegetarian food is as delicious as meat lover, the shape can be form just like meat.

For example, if you want meat stick as one of the dish, than you can order it. But, of course the meat stick was not made from meat but other material like mushroom, soybean and flour.
How about the taste? Well, although a little bit different, the taste is still nyummy. Usually, the vegetarian catering chief adds more seasoning or spices to add its taste. Make the appearance as interest as it can, then people will see it as meat food.


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