21 February 2009

Wedding ritual is when both of you wear rings to bind each of you in a sacred enchantment. You need to add your information before you search for wedding ring Especially, there are so many model variety and material as a choice.

The ring value is influence by its design, trowel weight and the value of the gold. Carat (c) is a gold content in a mixture. Pure gold (24c) is less suitable for wedding ring because the metal’s characteristic is soft and easily to decline in daily activity. To add its strength, the gold was mix with other metal, such as nickel, zinc and copper. 18c gold or 75% gold content can be your major choice.

Another alternative beside gold is platinum, a white-silver shine and classic ring. Just like gold, platinum value was influence by its content in the mixture with other metal, such as iridium or ruthenium. 900 plat/PT means the mixture was contain of 90% platinum and 10% iridium.

Choosing between gold and platinum is depends on your skin color, custom and your sense and you should watch two important things when you buy rings.

First, establish your budget. Generally, the ring price was influence by the trowel weight and content of material used. If your budget not too much, you can choose low content but still consider the quality and design. 14c gold is one of the best choices you should consider. Another way to press your budget is avoid buying gold in peak demand season.

Second, collect information as many as you can get. To make your rings long lasting till the end of the world, you should consider the value, design, quality and comfort or fit feeling. To make you comfortable wear the ring, match your finger size with the ring size.
You can’t choose ring when the temperature is too hot or too cold or after heavy physical activity.

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