28 February 2009

Wedding is a declaration to all people in the world about the most private feeling and announcement from both of you as a couple. So, there are few things you should do to make your wedding perfect.

Try to have enough time to planning your wedding. The more time you have the more well prepared your wedding is and you have enough energy to solve problems. The best time to prepare your wedding is at least three months.

Place for the party play important role for the guest. Don’t let them feel strange and isolate to the location. Try to choose place which easy to reach. Also consider if you want to have outdoor party, don’t do it on rainy season.

Prepare your Bridesmaid and Groomsmen. Don’t assume everyone knows what they have to do on the wedding ceremony. It seems to be so easy, but some people never been involve in wedding party before. Talk to them, so that everyone knows what you want. If you’re not sure, get read books and etiquette.

Usually, party decoration was full with fresh blossom flowers. So, make sure when the big day come your flowers were blossom. Try to consult with florist that the wreath and bouquet not wilted and blossom on the big day.

Keep your stamina and consume enough food and supplement so you are fit for the big day. Many brides too excited, so that they can’t eat. All person involved need food even only small portion. If you need to stand for a long time with empty stomach, there is big possibility you can fall down and collapse! So watch it girls!

Make sure the carpet (runner) that you’ll pass is neat and flat. Mostly not like that. Usually, carpet (runner) was drop from the scroll close to the ceremony.

For your wedding dish, always consider which menu is the most favorite. Better you prepare alternative menu so that your guess who has allergy, dietetic, religion, or personal reason still can enjoy the dish.

Your wedding party will be more splendid with the right music. So, pick songs which can be listen to all guess, from youth till geriatric.

So, think hard to get great planning and perfect wedding.


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