23 February 2009

Planning wedding party to get perfect wedding as you wish is not an easy job. Of course for some people wedding only done once a life time so that a wedding should be celebrate as big as you can. But you can coerce such a thing, coz you could have new trouble with it. Watch your budget and your beloved budget, so you still can have memorable wedding with minimum budget.
Give priority to you and your mate, wedding party is not your ultimate of life but life after the wedding. Try to think after the party, there is still tomorrow for both of you to live.

After has same mission, you can start to set the wedding budget, and this will spent lot of money, especially for catering. Catering invitation should be fit. If you spread 500 invitations card, then you have to order catering twice amount of the invitation it means 1000 persons. Usually, the catering contains of 800 portions for buffet (rice, fried rice, chickens, meats, fishes, vegetables, salad, chips, pudding, fruits, soft drinks, mineral water) and 10 food stalls @ 200 potions. Don’t let your guess not get food, coz food was the first thing their see. So, it will be much better if you have buffer stock.

You can pick Wedding packet system to press expending, order catering plus decoration, make up and documentation. With this packet system you can save more money rather than choose one by one. And when you want to buy fabrics for family or your committee, better you buy on March to June. Usually, fabric store will strike the price on those months.

Wedding dress material usually import from France. But, if you think it’s too expensive, you can choose smooth brocade, the prize is cheaper. You can buy Japan’s brocade, it has good quality with cheap prize.

For the souvenir, you can find in traditional market. But if you want to be seen little bit different, why don’t you make your own?

Ask you relatives, friend or family, where you can buy cheap invitation card. Invitation card prize had wise variation depends on the material, model and the paper used to make it.

You must enjoy your preparation time, take lots of information and survey all prizes. Never feel inferior if you can’t have a big party, coz the most important thing is your marriage destination and purpose.


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