28 February 2009

Great Planning, Perfect Wedding

Wedding is a declaration to all people in the world about the most private feeling and announcement from both of you as a couple. So, there are few things you should do to make your wedding perfect.

Try to have enough time to planning your wedding. The more time you have the more well prepared your wedding is and you have enough energy to solve problems. The best time to prepare your wedding is at least three months.

Place for the party play important role for the guest. Don’t let them feel strange and isolate to the location. Try to choose place which easy to reach. Also consider if you want to have outdoor party, don’t do it on rainy season.

Prepare your Bridesmaid and Groomsmen. Don’t assume everyone knows what they have to do on the wedding ceremony. It seems to be so easy, but some people never been involve in wedding party before. Talk to them, so that everyone knows what you want. If you’re not sure, get read books and etiquette.

Usually, party decoration was full with fresh blossom flowers. So, make sure when the big day come your flowers were blossom. Try to consult with florist that the wreath and bouquet not wilted and blossom on the big day.

Keep your stamina and consume enough food and supplement so you are fit for the big day. Many brides too excited, so that they can’t eat. All person involved need food even only small portion. If you need to stand for a long time with empty stomach, there is big possibility you can fall down and collapse! So watch it girls!

Make sure the carpet (runner) that you’ll pass is neat and flat. Mostly not like that. Usually, carpet (runner) was drop from the scroll close to the ceremony.

For your wedding dish, always consider which menu is the most favorite. Better you prepare alternative menu so that your guess who has allergy, dietetic, religion, or personal reason still can enjoy the dish.

Your wedding party will be more splendid with the right music. So, pick songs which can be listen to all guess, from youth till geriatric.

So, think hard to get great planning and perfect wedding.

27 February 2009

Honey Honeymoon Tricks

Each couple must be wants to make a beautiful moment by honeymoon. Besides for refreshing, honeymoon also can be a moment to bring nearer your self to your wife or husband. Recently, honeymoon was not only for new couple, but also for old couple. Crowded activity plus kids sometimes make husband and wife don’t have enough time for two. So, there is need some action to keep harmonic each other, one of them is by honeymoon.

Better if you carried on honeymoon on low season, coz the prize will be much cheaper, whether the airplane ticket or hotel. More better if you do it after the wedding ceremony, so the costs will be not too bulged.

Now, there are lots of trip package include honeymoon package with reachable prize. Not only offered from travel agent, but also from flight-company and hotel. They also have interesting offers.

Yes, according to good financial principle, everything should be prepares early on. Usually, the budget for honeymoon has already included in wedding budget. But, there is possibility this can change because there are lots things to do, so honeymoon almost forgotten.
Honeymoon packet offerings with low price become on of solution for them who not prepare special budget yet. Well, honeymoon is a consumptive thing, but it’s also become a spiritual investment; Investment not only for material but also for spiritual satisfaction, not only beautiful memory but also the opportunity to have child.

One important thing for them who planning honeymoon, don’t let your trip shaking your financial condition. The point is, wedding is a new phase which give higher satisfied to built household. So, don’t do wedding with excessive financial load. Try not to debt for honeymoon. There’ll be no pleasure if you feel heavy loan inside your hearth.

Now, there are so many options and facilitation to honeymoon, and don’t need much money to honeymoon. So, you decide it, make the destination and...Just Honeymoon.

25 February 2009

Vegetarian Dish, Why Not?

Serving vegetarian food on the wedding list dish is not a problem anymore. The taste is not even less than meat dish.

Now, vegetarian become more popular in the world. It’s easy to find vegetarian restaurant in big cities. But, what vegetarian food you choose as one of the menu on the wedding party? And how’s the taste?

For Health...
The development of vegetarian is not only based on religion lesson, but also based on different motivation. Some people become vegetarian for health, because they believe that veggie food is fore healthy than meat food.

Some people said for ethic. They thought that killing animal was a cruel thing and should be avoid. There is faith that consume meat product can make man acting like animals.

According to The American Dietetic Association, becoming vegetarian, you still can fulfill your nutrition and calorie. Nonetheless, children and adolescent who want to be vegetarian need special plan because there are several nutrients difficult to find if they not consume any meat at all.

Nutrients that hard to find on vegetarian are vitamin B12, protein, vitamin B6, vitamin D, calcium, zinc, and iron. To solve this problem they need to consume supplement that contains those nutrients.

Still Nyummy
Many people thought that vegetarian food is not appropriate for wedding dish. But, vegetarian food is as delicious as meat lover, the shape can be form just like meat.

For example, if you want meat stick as one of the dish, than you can order it. But, of course the meat stick was not made from meat but other material like mushroom, soybean and flour.
How about the taste? Well, although a little bit different, the taste is still nyummy. Usually, the vegetarian catering chief adds more seasoning or spices to add its taste. Make the appearance as interest as it can, then people will see it as meat food.

24 February 2009

Dress For Bridemaid

When you get mandate to be bridemaid, you must want to be look pretty too right? Well, of course the bride will look more pretty and perfect. But, it’s not wrong if you also want to look charm and beautiful. That’s why, you can try these few dress below for bride maid.
Feminine, long dress style mix with modern shape and buttons looks simple but elegance. But, still match it first with the bride dress.

Glamour can be made by shine and glare beads. You can choose flower shape which become trend for today. Women look sexy not only by wear kebaya but night gown also can make you look sexier.

Long dress or Sack dress with tight belt on wrist whether with or without sleeve, also stick out your feminine side. Brocade, satin linen, silk and chiffon is very suit for elegance and simple night gown. These fabrics also fit for those who love dress which has “loose” effect, flour and drapery. Only by knowing the shape of woman body, you can get dress which fit for you. Light fabric such chiffon and silk for this night gown is very match not only for adult woman but also for youth. By keep the feminine side with slim dress plus few beads, you can stick out flower element through satin ribbon. Choose natural color such as light yellow, white with silver accent or black. In this model, you’ll look more simple and modern but still sexy.

So, get a right dress to be bridemaid, ok girls.

23 February 2009

Cost Effective Wedding

Planning wedding party to get perfect wedding as you wish is not an easy job. Of course for some people wedding only done once a life time so that a wedding should be celebrate as big as you can. But you can coerce such a thing, coz you could have new trouble with it. Watch your budget and your beloved budget, so you still can have memorable wedding with minimum budget.
Give priority to you and your mate, wedding party is not your ultimate of life but life after the wedding. Try to think after the party, there is still tomorrow for both of you to live.

After has same mission, you can start to set the wedding budget, and this will spent lot of money, especially for catering. Catering invitation should be fit. If you spread 500 invitations card, then you have to order catering twice amount of the invitation it means 1000 persons. Usually, the catering contains of 800 portions for buffet (rice, fried rice, chickens, meats, fishes, vegetables, salad, chips, pudding, fruits, soft drinks, mineral water) and 10 food stalls @ 200 potions. Don’t let your guess not get food, coz food was the first thing their see. So, it will be much better if you have buffer stock.

You can pick Wedding packet system to press expending, order catering plus decoration, make up and documentation. With this packet system you can save more money rather than choose one by one. And when you want to buy fabrics for family or your committee, better you buy on March to June. Usually, fabric store will strike the price on those months.

Wedding dress material usually import from France. But, if you think it’s too expensive, you can choose smooth brocade, the prize is cheaper. You can buy Japan’s brocade, it has good quality with cheap prize.

For the souvenir, you can find in traditional market. But if you want to be seen little bit different, why don’t you make your own?

Ask you relatives, friend or family, where you can buy cheap invitation card. Invitation card prize had wise variation depends on the material, model and the paper used to make it.

You must enjoy your preparation time, take lots of information and survey all prizes. Never feel inferior if you can’t have a big party, coz the most important thing is your marriage destination and purpose.

21 February 2009

The Right Ring for Your Day

Wedding ritual is when both of you wear rings to bind each of you in a sacred enchantment. You need to add your information before you search for wedding ring Especially, there are so many model variety and material as a choice.

The ring value is influence by its design, trowel weight and the value of the gold. Carat (c) is a gold content in a mixture. Pure gold (24c) is less suitable for wedding ring because the metal’s characteristic is soft and easily to decline in daily activity. To add its strength, the gold was mix with other metal, such as nickel, zinc and copper. 18c gold or 75% gold content can be your major choice.

Another alternative beside gold is platinum, a white-silver shine and classic ring. Just like gold, platinum value was influence by its content in the mixture with other metal, such as iridium or ruthenium. 900 plat/PT means the mixture was contain of 90% platinum and 10% iridium.

Choosing between gold and platinum is depends on your skin color, custom and your sense and you should watch two important things when you buy rings.

First, establish your budget. Generally, the ring price was influence by the trowel weight and content of material used. If your budget not too much, you can choose low content but still consider the quality and design. 14c gold is one of the best choices you should consider. Another way to press your budget is avoid buying gold in peak demand season.

Second, collect information as many as you can get. To make your rings long lasting till the end of the world, you should consider the value, design, quality and comfort or fit feeling. To make you comfortable wear the ring, match your finger size with the ring size.
You can’t choose ring when the temperature is too hot or too cold or after heavy physical activity.

Have a hunting...

20 February 2009

Perfect Wedding With Right Gown

Are you planning get married in the short future? Well, this must be make you very busy with all the preparation so you can have perfect wedding. One of the important points when you get married is choosing the wedding dress which suitable with your body. It’s so fun when you hunt the wedding dress but also make you so confuse to choose the model between all those beautiful dress on the retail bridal.

To make light choosing the dress on the retail bridal, you can ask a designer to make or to choose which dress suit for you. Lots of model and lots of raw material! So, before you get deep into your confusion, make your priority which model is your favorite. Off shoulder, v neck or scoop gown makes you more pretty and sexy. Well, I can understand is not easy to find dress that you really want to. You can try to invite family or friend to company you to find the dress as input, opinion or review which one suitable for you. Never be to rush to choose a wedding dress coz the wedding dress will become a long lasting memory for your entire life.

White is always be something to see a prettiness because white is a symbol for wedding purity, and charity. White wedding dress with long tail will make you more charming and this will always be the whisper for most women. You also can try other color beside white to make different look such as peach, baby blue, pink or light-yellow. Don’t forget to match the dress color with your skin color. Wedding dress color is the critical point to determine the guesses respond and the nuance you create. Besides, nuance on your wedding day reflect your personality. So, make a wedding concept as you and your partner wish.

The last thing you should watch is budget. We can’t disown, budget determine the dress. So, don't confuse with your wedding, ok pals.