17 July 2009

Held a Thrifty Wedding Party

Held a wedding reception sure can make your wallet dying if you not smart to prepare it. Many people want their party to be really impressed, luxurious, and huge because there is suspicion that wedding is only once in a life time. Often they do anything to fulfill their financial needs even loan to somebody.

Well, because this financial matter is very important then try to save your financial resource to be not expended only for wedding reception. There are so many other expenditure after that, so you should make a priority list, such as purchase or rent a house and car, and cost for living after married. So, wedding reception shouldn’t necessary be held in glamour party. The point is how to anticipate factors which very influent to the cost to make wedding reception.

About 70% from the total cost of wedding package is spent only for the reception. So, you should pay attention more for the wedding organizer cost because usually there are some external expenditure which not expected.

For cheap and good reputation building for wedding reception, you should order it first 6 months before or even a year before the wedding date. So, if you decide to held the party on a building, don’t belittle for the technical election from the wedding package.

Cheap wedding building doesn’t have to be at strategic place; doesn’t always be on the side of the main road, the key is the place should be easy to find, had good access to get in, and had a wide parking area.

Luxurious building is not necessary, the more important thing is enough to accommodate all guess and relative cheap. Decoration from the wedding organizer will make the atmosphere more fun and interesting.

Want the cheaper one? Find a building which not usually use for wedding reception, not a commercial building, such as sport hall, art hall, convention hall, big mosque, rented government building, and other kind of building. Usually they’ll give cheaper prize. What you should watch is the building had good and enough facilities.

The served dish should be multiple diverse. You don’t have to order many foods, add the menu, better id you make small tend separately to serve the different dishes. This method can reduce the bread line, and also make the guess freely to try food agree with their own desire.

09 July 2009

Tradition of High Rise Wedding Cake

During consultation with your wedding cake maker, there are several things you need to extra watch, one of them is the portion size of the cake. There is one thing that always been tradition for western people in their wedding, it was keep the top level of wedding cake.

Tradition to keep the top level has been start long time ago in England, when the high rise wedding cake was made from fruitcake immerged in wine or brandy. The cake and fruit was well preserve in liquor and then they serve it to the guess in their first child’s baptism ceremony. The cake was a birth control and a life style in that time.

Now, modern wedding cake is very rare made from fruitcake, and many couples extended their "honeymoon" more than one year from their wedding day. That’s why, if you want to keep the top level of the wedding and still want to hold the old tradition, that cake should be wrap very well, and freeze until the next three months. That cake can be melt (slowly in the refrigerator), and than distribute when you celebrate your one month wedding anniversary, your family birthday, or other event.

But, store wedding cake which not serve on your wedding day can add your expense. Talk about cost, it’s not truly necessary to have the same portion with the guess. Some guess don’t like to eat wedding cake they prefer to eat other dessert. Don’t worry if your guess list increase, or you worry about the amount of cake, some buffer stock can be reserve two weeks before the wedding day.

06 July 2009

Sponged Out Your Post - Wedding Blues

You’ve been spend your time for months (even years!) to plan, and now all is over. Wedding dress worn, promised said, and all guess have been go back home. What does bride do? Don’t worry. Postwedding is a normal part of wedding. Feeling down? Follow this clues to help you back fire up and enjoy the best part after wedding.

Be Realistic
What can you do now after all the plan and stress pass away? Think about expectation and dream before you married. It’s very difficult to make him romantic, but when the wedding party over and you back to your normal life, you’ll miss all the bustle and activities planning your big day. Talk about your expectation with him. How you want to build life together? How you want to spend time after married? This could eliminate non realistic expectations.

Calm Down Your Self Into Your Normal Schedule
From catering menu until make design for invitation card and sent it your self, you’ve been present your time to prepare and planning your wedding. After you come home from honeymoon, think about how you’ll spend your spare time together with husband. Imagine all the things you do before married – dinner with friends, watch movie, and other social activities. Those activities could help you to braid relation again you’re your friends, family and your husband. And don’t forget: At last, you have time to relax! So, enjoy it.

Get Your Wedding Photos
The sensation about wedding is not only exists in the past, you still have wedding photos to see. You can post your photos online. This gives you and husband chance to remind your happy day. Buy scrapbook, shadow box or frames and some funny papers, and spend your time to arrange your memories back.

Enjoy Your Time For Your Self
When you married, you’ll be easy to be conscious with your husband and your status. But give time for yourself is the easiest way to do your transition. Whether you relaxing by cycling around the house, go to spa to have relaxation massage, or go to mall for just shopping, this moments not only rejuvenate your, but also help you to strengthened you “me” rather than "we".

Talk With Your Friends
You may feel foolish or not thankful to God because you have negative feeling after married, but that’s normal. Hide away your mind and emotion only can exacerbate your self. Think about having fun with your girlfriends. Take out all to your friends (especially to them who had married and ever been on your position). And don’t forget to discuss it with your husband. Very easy to make him quite when you feel frustrated, but sharing will be very helpful and he might feel the same thing that you feel.

04 July 2009

Go Green On Your Wedding

Everything can be “environmental care”, include your wedding. May be you need extra awareness and energy, but there are so many ways to get your dream wedding, while keep holding on your safe environment belief. To help you start, here are some different ideas to plan your wedding which safe four our environment.

As Gift Supplementary
Found out gift is something please from wedding. If you don’t really need things to start your new life with sweetheart, why don’t you ask your guess to donate it for good purpose? Make an online gift registration which provide link to charity organization you like. You’re not only safe couple trees by not throwing the wrap, but you also help financially to some organizations that really need it.

Organic Menu
Any catering service can be loyal to environment. All you have to do is only change the standard ingredients with organic ingredients. Discuss the menu with the catering service. Suggest the management to use local ingredients. Choosing or organic menu is not only protect our environment but also protect your guess from chemical substance, pesticide, which means those menu were very healthy for everybody in that party.

Wedding Cake
Wedding cake can made organically without remove the taste. Using organic sugar, organic flour, organic butter and organic egg may be a little bit expensive, but of course will add plus point to the taste. Find special cake maker who make organic cake, or ask for vegan cake, which contain no animal ingredients and processed sugar. The taste will be still incredible.

Better than purchase new decoration, why don’t you try thing that you already had and make something or decorate it with new style for wedding. If you not minded use again your stuff, you can but purchase things that have multiple function. Also consider to use bamboo for the decoration because bamboo is one of materials in earth which can be use over and over again. When the party is over you can donate it to other person who need it.

Responsible Venue
Pick location for the party where you can take positive benefits from your show. Museum, botanical garden, or art gallery often need extra budget to support their program or to maintain their facility. So, why don’t you try to help them by held your party in place like that? Remember they have great view too.

Save trees and use recycle paper for your invitation cards. Paper made from alternative fiber such as hemp or bamboo is one of best choice. Also minimize the use of paper by unite all information on one page, better than fill the envelope with several sheets. If this not enough friendly to the nature, then use no paper at all and sent the invitation online.

Good Purpose Honeymoon
Better you consider make a volunteer vacation than to luxurious resort. There are so many organizations offer journey to people who want to donate their service to build a house, work in organic field, rebuild natural track or participate in animal conservation.

There are so many ways to plan an environment friendly wedding. You can hire a wedding planner which specialized in wedding green, they can make the concept and all you need to have green wedding. If it’s not your choice, you can find vendor who care about our environment and make your own beautiful green wedding.

03 July 2009

10 Ways To Apply Color On Your Relationship

Every relationship has to be keep harmony, romantic and beautiful. Here are some simple ways you can do with spouse to make your relationship more colorful and flare up.

1. Write on a paper as many as you can why you love her/him. She/he will be so touching.

2. Do this game : make 3 statements about yourself which one of it is not true. Ask your spouse to guess which statement is wrong. This way is more interesting to know each other.

3. Tell him/her that that no day passed by to know that you really love her/him. Sent message through email or SMS how you adore, love and need him/her. This makes her/his day start with big smile.

4. Always remember to say to people you love "sweet dreams" before you hang up phone in the night. She/he will remember when sleep and you’ll be the last thing to remember before sleep.

5. See her spontaneously and say, "you're beautiful".

6. Use love expression, voice and smile heartily. See her eyes deeply and said something from deep in your hearth.

7. Lean on his arm or chest and feel his hearth beat. That’s is the most incredible ways to feel your relationship tie.

8. The simple way to express love is by hold her/his hands or hug.

9. Always be next on her when she/he need it. Say that your love her/him in every chance you have, spent your time with her. If you do this, you make unforgettable memory for both of you.

10. Give her your own made gift, not because this is your special day but because you love her.

02 July 2009

Choosing Wedding Shoes: Comfortable or Stylist?

Shoes perhaps become one of important item often consider to have gorgeous performance. The most notice for bride is finding the right dress to wear. Mostly, women make shoes be the last thing to care from your outfit. But, of course just like other small thing, shoes become so important to complete your gorgeous performance. If you want to feel comfortable, it’s very important to find comfortable and stylish shoes.

Think about the heel height you want and the pleasure of the shoes if purchase it. Well, yes it is hard to find the really match shoes for us and suitable for the wedding dress. If you don’t have much time, try to wear open elegant shoes. This model has many details, and usually had jewelry on it which brings extra luxurious touch for your final outfit.

Immerge shoes on coloring agent such as dies also become another great idea. You don’t have to be busy to find the suitable color that match with the wedding dress.

If you wear high heel shoes, make sure you’ve already habitually with this shoes. This is very important parameter for them who don’t familiar wearing high heels. Wear the shoes, then walking out or walking around couple days or a week before wedding day for couple hours. This will prevent you from falling down and seems awkward on the big day.

Don’t care how good your shoes are, if you not used to wear it to walk, you and your feet will end miserable. Also, don’t buy expensive shoes which perfect to see, if at the end you cannot walk on it when you’re in honeymoon. Don’t force to buy shoes which you not comfortable to wear when you try to buy at the shop. If you can’t find the suitable shoes on the shops, try find it online.

Great idea to make your feet relax after wearing shoes all day on your wedding day is wearing cute sandals. You can decorate your own sandals as you wish. Why you should suffer during reception if no one know?

30 June 2009

Q & A : Wedding Invitation

Invitation card is one of the most important plan on your wedding. Here are some things that may be your questions about preparing invitation card

1. When I should make the invitation card?
Better you make the invitation label after all guests list complete, at least 8-9 months before.

2. How many card I should make?
Better you make the wedding invitation more than less, coz there is still possibility having little breakage or misprint on the design. For safety, prepare 25-50 cards back up.

3. How about the contents and design of the wedding invitation?
Of course you should put the bride and the groom full names, your parents full name, address, date, day, and time of the wedding reception. As additional, you can also set a map on the back card, to ease your guest to reach you, especially guest from out town.

4. How to minimize the cost for wedding invitation?
Try to use simple design and you don’t’ have to put your photo on the card, because it make the prize raises up. You can deliver the invitation cards by yourself or entrust with friends and family rather than use courier, cost you more darling.

5. What is Thermography?
It was the most popular print method for designing wedding invitation. The prize is not too expensive and the result is smooth and shine and no rough feeling on the back.

6. What I should pay attention if I want to make the invitation design?
Watch carefully the words and spell and try to ask the print shop to finish the envelope/cover first, so can stick the name and address guests to save time.

22 June 2009

Flowers For Your Wedding

You have decided the place for reception, find the perfect gown, arrange the invitation list, and make dress for the family and bridesmaid. Then what next? What flower you will use?

What flower you will purchase? As we know, real flower is very expensive. First, you should consider the type of your wedding, is it traditional? If yes, then, there are many flowers you can choose.

What will you decorate with flower? The dais, stall, button hole, Corsage or even the wedding cake?

You should also consider the time, because real flowers blossom on certain time only in a year. Color also be your consideration to make it match with the dress.

There are so many flowers you can choose, start from Tulip which has many shape and colors, Daffodil, always looks sheer and shining, Rose, full of joyful and had a great smell.

Other option is silk flower which look like real flower so no one knows the different with the real flower. This flower has many size, shape, and colors even doesn’t have aroma.

The prize also doesn’t diverge significantly with the real one. You can buy at some flower shops to cut the budget. The advantage using this flower is you can choose and order the flowers days before the wedding day without cares that the flower will wilted.

With this flower, you can choose any kind of flower you like because this flower doesn’t’ distinguish any season like real flower. You can use it to decorate table and wedding cake because this flower not bit into, and doesn’t leave any dust or pollen. You can also keep it after wedding as reminiscence of your wedding day.

You can use dry flower which spread on the table or on the dais. So, whatever your choice, there are many options you pick.

19 June 2009

Classify And Choose The Building Reception

Usually you determine wedding building after you decide the certain date. But, now, there are many couples find the building first than decide the wedding date. To help you decide the building for reception, check this few tips :

1. Choose building party which easy to reach by your family and most of the guess. You can search in internet, there are many blogs and websites (online wedding) which put down buildings and the contact person. Call it directly, don’t by e-mail because the respond will be too long. Call it and ask the cost of the building and the day off, write it all on your note book.

2. Decide the budget for the building, suit it with the location /venue wedding and what day the building is off.

3. After search the building for reception in internet or other people, you should come to the building, to get clear image to prepare the event.

4. Watch it if the building management make compulsory to you to use the management vendor, like catering, photography (photo prewedding/photo wedding invitation), entertainment (wedding video), etc. Usually building management don higher charge if you take vendor not from the management. It’s ok if you take the management vendor as long as make you satisfied. If your family has vendor-vendor regular family vendor, and actually is not on the vendor list, you should prepare more budget to pay the charge for the building.

5. After you make a deal with the building management that you will marry there, you can pay the cash advanced to register your name. A month – 2 weeks before the event/wedding ceremony you should confirm again to the management building, just make sure your name still on the list. Usually, in this step you should pay in full.

6. Two weeks before wedding ceremony, if it’s possible, you should held technical meeting in the reception building. It us very useful to know more detail about the event composition, placement for decoration, catering table, etc. People who join the technical meeting are photography representative, catering representative, wedding organizer and entertainment representative entertainment, decoration representative (party decor/reception), and representative from the building management.

08 June 2009

Wedding Tiara For Extra Gorgeous Performance

If you had decided your hair style, you should find the right accessories to prettier your hair. Do you want to wear tiara with gemstone on it or simple flower on your hair? All depends on the type, style of your hair, veil, dress, and of course your private desire. You must choose something that can complete your performance when you walk to the dais.

The Wedding Tiara

What will show first if you think hair accessories? It must be tiara. Many type of tiara you can have, and you can match it with your dress and hair style. Small and simple tiara, is very suitable if you wear veil. If you’re not wear veil, you can choose a full detail and high tiara princess, you’ll look gorgeous.

Wedding tiara will be nice to see, if the hair style was lift up to the top. Most tiara had harrow on one side and on the tip so it will be nor easy to shift when you wear it. If your hair was style to the top, tiara will be look good and the harrow will be hidden.

Wearing tiara on wedding day is an old tradition. This white band wore by a king, on his head or circling on his shoulder, to show prosperity and fervency to every body. Through centuries, tiara became a symbol of feminism. Wedding tiara has been evolved into half moon. In this shape, jewelry and flowers were put on to.

Bride or groom can wear tiara on their head or forehead. Wedding tiara traditionally used to make pretty the bride. It is very popular used for "dreams" and "princess" theme.

If you think that wedding tiara is too ordinary, then there’s still another options you can use. Some brides prefer to wear a hat. This hat can add several characters too your dress, and it can be prettier with whatever you like. You can also use classy headband and some stylish which suitable with your dress or you can use a nice accessories, such as flowers on your hair.

20 Tricks To Have Happy Marriage

Need intense effort from both sides to have eternal marriage. There are some tricks you can follow to make it. Find out those tricks through this article.
  1. Keep each feeling. To make your marriage stable, don’t you ever try to flirting your spouse. Indirectly, it was a sign that your marriage is failed.
  2. Full of attention. Be a good listener. If you’re busy about your work, ask her/his understanding. Make her/his tow the story after you finish your work. This was much better than you ignore her/him.
  3. Share Happiness. Always pass difficult time or happy moment together.
  4. Make your spouse happy. Always give sweet smile to your sweetheart so he/she happy and enjoy lead a day.
  5. Keep courteousness. Never forget the words "please", "thank you" and "sorry", or "do you mind". Thereby your spouse feels being appreciated.
  6. Never say "I’ve told you that time..". This sentence stress the error to your spouse and justified your own.
  7. Privacy appreciation. Don’t too involve with private area of your spouse and always keep secret that has been believed to you.
  8. Solve problems. Find the best way to solve a problem. Try not to emphasize each of your ego, so both of you will satisfied with the answer.
  9. Keep the love firing up. Always open mind and express your feeling is the secret to keep your relationship keep close.
  10. Don’t compare. Accept him/her whatever he/she is, because it was your spouse for the rest of your life.
  11. Express it with words. Don’t’ think your spouse can read your mind. Explain your wish or feeling with words.
  12. Criticize habit. Keep your words also keep your marriage. If you want to say a critic, don’t say it under high emotion.
  13. Watch the first problem that appears. The first two year of marriage is the most susceptible moment. Learn to work together and be adapted with your new household life.
  14. Minimize conflict about financial. Try to have your own bank account and joint account. You and spouse have to have conscious though to pay your private bill than usual.
  15. Arrange special time to solve a conflict. Spare some time to solve problem you’ve been face.
  16. Always forgive mistake. When you forgive her/him, make a note that you’re not justify the action, but try to forget the problem so it’s not polluted your relationship too long.
  17. Stop seeing the past. Try to accept your spouse and forget her/his past.
  18. Watch each of your attitude and action. Avoid controversion when you under high temperature and high emotion. Emotion makes someone say bad words, your relation will be depraved because of that.
  19. Always responsible. Ignore your duty in critical moment can make the situation get more turbid.
  20. Find another help. If the situation can’t be helped anymore and controversation inescapable, Go find someone help. You can find a help to professional consultant, family or experienced friend.
Applying the twenty steps is not as difficult as you think. Start it from now and make a harmony life with your sweetheart.

04 June 2009

What a Man Wants In a Woman?

Beautiful and gorgeous woman not always be man wanted. Sometimes, the perfect physical become woman mainstay to interact the opposite sex, but actually there are 4 women's characters that man interested. What are they? Check this article.

1. "A Good Woman"
Man knows that woman is nice when he see her. Those women are all women who don't like to go party or to the club and she is not overdressed. They also appreciate and can make man feel perfect. As additional, that woman can be trusted, honest, and a loyal friend.

2. Nice body
This is the fact, most man said physical appearance of woman is very important. But, it doesn't mean women should be as perfect as Angelina Jolie to get a man. You just have to take care, treat your self well and not dressed randomness. Go find the way to keep your weight balance and all the fat removed. If you don't like to exercise, there are still many ways to keep your body healthy and fresh, such as dancing.

3. Free and independent woman
Man doesn't like woman who always adhere and stick, despondent, depends on other person, always give order, and easy to jealous. You must be think right now,
am I one of them", are you sure? Ask yourself.

4. Appreciate the glory and pleasure of life
Women who happy, enjoy life, and respect to differences are women who very potentially men like.

Don't make your life only for find spouse coz it's just like watching boiled water in a teapot, make you frustrated and endless if you only focus only to that thing. And if you have found that person, don't make her the center of your entire world. A spouse should be a complement to your life, not the controller of your life.

Your Wedding Decoration

Elegancy always be the main factor of wedding reception. Of course, decoration team play big role to make such elegancy. Each couple had their own creation and imagination about their wedding, from the most simple, shuffling, until the most luxury.

This important moment always want to be putting in mind by you, family and friends. But, have you realized that decoration is not only consists of flowers in each corner? Wedding decoration needs special skill to create a dream dais.

After theme and decorator has decided, there are still several things you should watch, especially for the detail and quality of the raw material used. You can also involve for the preparation for the wedding decoration because of course, wedding will be an eternal memory and once in a life time right?

Each part is important. Start from entrance, red carpet, until stage. Still, decoration team should adjusted with the bride and groom budget. If the budget make possible, then the decoration team can freely explore the prettiness in each detail. But, if the budget limited then the decoration should be concentrated on the stage and red carpet. Of course those decorations will be balanced.

Uniqueness should be showed up. The placement of flowers and all the series should also adjusted with the budget. But, there's something you should know that all the flowers series will create glamour and elegancy to the dais.

Decide the theme and the color of the dais decoration. Match the wedding decoration with the location, the wedding dress, the bridemaids and the whole theme.

The election of material for decoration. The crucial element of decoration is the shape, building, flower and fabric. You can use cifon to make it more glamour. Always watch the durable and freshness of the flowers. These two factors are very determine the lustrous of the stage and dais.

Main Decoration and supporting decoration. Stage is the main decoration, special, because this was the place for family and place to take a picture. As supporting decoration, better you use unique of series crystal. Watch the concept of your wedding, is it sitting or standing party.
If you want the color of the decoration elegance and simple, you can choose white, pink or green. But, of course, when you want to décor the dais, always adjust it with budget.

02 June 2009

Determine The Best Wedding Ring

Wedding ring is one of the most important things you should prepare for the wedding. Ring will be the symbol of eternal love between you, choose your own design which have big meaning for both of you. You’re going to wear wedding ring for a long time, so make sure that you really like it. Here some points you should consider before purchase wedding ring.

Many gemstones use to decorate wedding ring. But, diamonds is still become the best choice for engagement and wedding ring. There are four things you should watch when you purchase some diamonds: cut, clarity, color, and carat.

1. Cut is the most important characteristic. Gracious and sparkling shine of diamonds is on the cut. The hard character make diamonds able to be cut with sharp tip on the below of the diamonds. Glass will never be cut like that.

2. Clarity is distinctness and transparency of diamonds. Diamonds with no defect is more expensive.

3. Color is color of diamond. The most wanted color for diamonds is clear or transparent. The Grade value used to show the highest clearance level is D, while Z is the worst or the dirtiest.

4. Carats is indication for weight and size of diamonds

If you want to use ring as memorabilia, you just have to consider the quality and the shape. You don’t need to check diamonds to be evaluates at the laboratory. But, need to be watch, if you buy the wrong diamond, the low quality of C4, it will be hard to resell again.

Body of the ring
Medley choice for the body of the ring, there are yellow gold, white gold, silver, or platinum. Platinum is the most expensive, but the most durable. Many couples prefer white gold, because it’s not too different with the ordinary ring and the prize is not too expensive like platinum. But, after a long moment usage, white gold lean to change become yellow. The three materials above had alteration for the luster since the first time you buy, because many reasons, such as scratched, oxidation, and others. It’s important to clean and gild the ring regularly. If you want to keep your ring long lasting and more durable, platinum is the best choice.

Generally, ready design on the store is cheaper than make new design. But, the consequence is the model of ready stock ring is a market quality which means the ring is not of good enough quality to be sold in a specialty store. Mean while, if you want to make new design, you’ll get extra charge, and it will take more time to get it, sometimes the ring need to be revision. And when you read magazine or search internet then you find ring design that you like, you can get it cheaper if you order to jeweler rather than purchase at famous jewelry store. You even can use gemstone which you already have rather than buy new diamonds.

Before you pay your offered ring, make sure first that the ring has the same the design like you offered. If you want to buy ready stock ring and you want to give her surprise, make sure the ring size is fit, and she likes the cut and the shape. If she doesn’t like it, you may consider to changes the ring. So, before you pay it, ask to the jeweler, is it possible to change? Do you need some papers or original certificate?

Most young couples still have not enough budgets to purchase extra expensive wedding ring full with diamonds on it. But, if someday you want to add some diamonds on your wedding ring, make sure that the ring band has remain place to put the diamonds.

Wedding Chamber Decoration

Don’t just pay attention to the party, your wedding chamber also need your attention. It needs to be look beautiful and impressive. Of course, you need special skill and nedd to be adjust with model, color and the performance for over all.

However great your wedding bed, but if not support with great bed cover, still not interesting or is just an ordinary bed.

To make the weeding chamber decoration had a great looking, and make a private impress for other people, you’ll need bed cover, curtain interior, room interior and balanced decoration. So, it has high artistic value.
There are lots of bed cover, many types, models and colors. How good if you be careful when purchase those stuffs. Choose bed cover which really qualified and the stitching not made just that coz bed cover is very important to make great view.

You should look those stuffs, does it appropriate with the prize? After that you can order the bed cover as you wish. Because, there are so many services which make glamorous model but when you use the real thing, it’s not good as good as when you look it for the first time or it can be different from the catalog.

Beside the chamber decoration and the structuring bed, accessories equipment such as cosmetic container also important to be placed on the mirror-desk, so if you take picture to the room picture will look compatible.

Even flower decoration also important to perform, but without beautiful bed cover, the chamber will be look in harmony. The other way, with exclusive and pretty bed cover, even without flower, it still beautiful and balance.
To have good and impressed wedding chamber decoration, go find the professional. Usually company of wedding organizer had wedding decoration service too for the wedding chamber

You can also use that service, but don’t decide just because it’s cheap, and you don’t know how it works. About trend color of this year is green, blue, silver and ivory. Those colors sometimes change depends on season and the model is not always simple.

What ever your choice is, you should have enough time to examine and choose from all products offered. So, hope it’s helpful.