16 January 2012

Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings : How to Choose and Purchase It?

The heart is the ultimate symbol of love. Heart shaped diamond engagement rings are the best and most elegant way to celebrate a couple’s upcoming wedding. The unique look of the heart-shaped diamond helps make it a distinctive choice for a variety of diamond jewelry.

Heart shaped diamonds are essentially pear shaped diamonds with a cleft at the top. They are the ultimate symbol of romance, and more and more people are choosing heart cut diamonds for engagement and anniversary rings. As with all certified loose diamonds, the beauty of the diamond depends on the skill of the cutter.

Often times, jewelers will make their customers believe that size is the most important factor when choosing a diamond. There's almost this notion that your love is measured by the size of the diamond you buy for your significant other. But keep in mind that a three-carat diamond ring can lack luster and sparkle, and that a one-carat diamond ring can blaze with fire and shine.

 Heart Shaped Diamond Ring

17 July 2009

Held a Thrifty Wedding Party

Held a wedding reception sure can make your wallet dying if you not smart to prepare it. Many people want their party to be really impressed, luxurious, and huge because there is suspicion that wedding is only once in a life time. Often they do anything to fulfill their financial needs even loan to somebody.

Well, because this financial matter is very important then try to save your financial resource to be not expended only for wedding reception. There are so many other expenditure after that, so you should make a priority list, such as purchase or rent a house and car, and cost for living after married. So, wedding reception shouldn’t necessary be held in glamour party. The point is how to anticipate factors which very influent to the cost to make wedding reception.

About 70% from the total cost of wedding package is spent only for the reception. So, you should pay attention more for the wedding organizer cost because usually there are some external expenditure which not expected.

For cheap and good reputation building for wedding reception, you should order it first 6 months before or even a year before the wedding date. So, if you decide to held the party on a building, don’t belittle for the technical election from the wedding package.

Cheap wedding building doesn’t have to be at strategic place; doesn’t always be on the side of the main road, the key is the place should be easy to find, had good access to get in, and had a wide parking area.

Luxurious building is not necessary, the more important thing is enough to accommodate all guess and relative cheap. Decoration from the wedding organizer will make the atmosphere more fun and interesting.

Want the cheaper one? Find a building which not usually use for wedding reception, not a commercial building, such as sport hall, art hall, convention hall, big mosque, rented government building, and other kind of building. Usually they’ll give cheaper prize. What you should watch is the building had good and enough facilities.

The served dish should be multiple diverse. You don’t have to order many foods, add the menu, better id you make small tend separately to serve the different dishes. This method can reduce the bread line, and also make the guess freely to try food agree with their own desire.

09 July 2009

Tradition of High Rise Wedding Cake

During consultation with your wedding cake maker, there are several things you need to extra watch, one of them is the portion size of the cake. There is one thing that always been tradition for western people in their wedding, it was keep the top level of wedding cake.

Tradition to keep the top level has been start long time ago in England, when the high rise wedding cake was made from fruitcake immerged in wine or brandy. The cake and fruit was well preserve in liquor and then they serve it to the guess in their first child’s baptism ceremony. The cake was a birth control and a life style in that time.

Now, modern wedding cake is very rare made from fruitcake, and many couples extended their "honeymoon" more than one year from their wedding day. That’s why, if you want to keep the top level of the wedding and still want to hold the old tradition, that cake should be wrap very well, and freeze until the next three months. That cake can be melt (slowly in the refrigerator), and than distribute when you celebrate your one month wedding anniversary, your family birthday, or other event.

But, store wedding cake which not serve on your wedding day can add your expense. Talk about cost, it’s not truly necessary to have the same portion with the guess. Some guess don’t like to eat wedding cake they prefer to eat other dessert. Don’t worry if your guess list increase, or you worry about the amount of cake, some buffer stock can be reserve two weeks before the wedding day.

06 July 2009

Sponged Out Your Post - Wedding Blues

You’ve been spend your time for months (even years!) to plan, and now all is over. Wedding dress worn, promised said, and all guess have been go back home. What does bride do? Don’t worry. Postwedding is a normal part of wedding. Feeling down? Follow this clues to help you back fire up and enjoy the best part after wedding.

Be Realistic
What can you do now after all the plan and stress pass away? Think about expectation and dream before you married. It’s very difficult to make him romantic, but when the wedding party over and you back to your normal life, you’ll miss all the bustle and activities planning your big day. Talk about your expectation with him. How you want to build life together? How you want to spend time after married? This could eliminate non realistic expectations.

Calm Down Your Self Into Your Normal Schedule
From catering menu until make design for invitation card and sent it your self, you’ve been present your time to prepare and planning your wedding. After you come home from honeymoon, think about how you’ll spend your spare time together with husband. Imagine all the things you do before married – dinner with friends, watch movie, and other social activities. Those activities could help you to braid relation again you’re your friends, family and your husband. And don’t forget: At last, you have time to relax! So, enjoy it.

Get Your Wedding Photos
The sensation about wedding is not only exists in the past, you still have wedding photos to see. You can post your photos online. This gives you and husband chance to remind your happy day. Buy scrapbook, shadow box or frames and some funny papers, and spend your time to arrange your memories back.

Enjoy Your Time For Your Self
When you married, you’ll be easy to be conscious with your husband and your status. But give time for yourself is the easiest way to do your transition. Whether you relaxing by cycling around the house, go to spa to have relaxation massage, or go to mall for just shopping, this moments not only rejuvenate your, but also help you to strengthened you “me” rather than "we".

Talk With Your Friends
You may feel foolish or not thankful to God because you have negative feeling after married, but that’s normal. Hide away your mind and emotion only can exacerbate your self. Think about having fun with your girlfriends. Take out all to your friends (especially to them who had married and ever been on your position). And don’t forget to discuss it with your husband. Very easy to make him quite when you feel frustrated, but sharing will be very helpful and he might feel the same thing that you feel.

04 July 2009

Go Green On Your Wedding

Everything can be “environmental care”, include your wedding. May be you need extra awareness and energy, but there are so many ways to get your dream wedding, while keep holding on your safe environment belief. To help you start, here are some different ideas to plan your wedding which safe four our environment.

As Gift Supplementary
Found out gift is something please from wedding. If you don’t really need things to start your new life with sweetheart, why don’t you ask your guess to donate it for good purpose? Make an online gift registration which provide link to charity organization you like. You’re not only safe couple trees by not throwing the wrap, but you also help financially to some organizations that really need it.

Organic Menu
Any catering service can be loyal to environment. All you have to do is only change the standard ingredients with organic ingredients. Discuss the menu with the catering service. Suggest the management to use local ingredients. Choosing or organic menu is not only protect our environment but also protect your guess from chemical substance, pesticide, which means those menu were very healthy for everybody in that party.

Wedding Cake
Wedding cake can made organically without remove the taste. Using organic sugar, organic flour, organic butter and organic egg may be a little bit expensive, but of course will add plus point to the taste. Find special cake maker who make organic cake, or ask for vegan cake, which contain no animal ingredients and processed sugar. The taste will be still incredible.

Better than purchase new decoration, why don’t you try thing that you already had and make something or decorate it with new style for wedding. If you not minded use again your stuff, you can but purchase things that have multiple function. Also consider to use bamboo for the decoration because bamboo is one of materials in earth which can be use over and over again. When the party is over you can donate it to other person who need it.

Responsible Venue
Pick location for the party where you can take positive benefits from your show. Museum, botanical garden, or art gallery often need extra budget to support their program or to maintain their facility. So, why don’t you try to help them by held your party in place like that? Remember they have great view too.

Save trees and use recycle paper for your invitation cards. Paper made from alternative fiber such as hemp or bamboo is one of best choice. Also minimize the use of paper by unite all information on one page, better than fill the envelope with several sheets. If this not enough friendly to the nature, then use no paper at all and sent the invitation online.

Good Purpose Honeymoon
Better you consider make a volunteer vacation than to luxurious resort. There are so many organizations offer journey to people who want to donate their service to build a house, work in organic field, rebuild natural track or participate in animal conservation.

There are so many ways to plan an environment friendly wedding. You can hire a wedding planner which specialized in wedding green, they can make the concept and all you need to have green wedding. If it’s not your choice, you can find vendor who care about our environment and make your own beautiful green wedding.